Bocce Court Parks

    Bocce Ball Rising in Popularity              

       Lawn bowling is not just for the older generation, it’s for all generations. 

Bocce ball or “lawn bowling” has been around for centuries in Greece and Italy. Around 1989, it made a resurgence here in the United States. Since then, 25,000,000 people play bocce ball recreationally, in sporting tournaments, or hold special fund raising events for causes. Lawn ball can be played by all ages and athletic ability and rules can be versatile from simple to tournament style. At Synthetic Grass & Greens, we specialize in bocce ball court construction, transforming spaces in and around Maryland and surrounding areas into beautiful recreational areas.

lawn ball court beforetwo lane bocce ball court                                                                                                                               Westover, WV took an underutilized area near the local tennis courts and installed this two lane Bocce Court. These lanes provide a gathering place to enjoy, practice, socialize and compete close to home. 

Many municipalities, facilities, and homeowner are installing bocce courts for public and private use. An average court is constructed of sand, mulch, turf or lawn. The best surface to play lawn bowling should provide; excellent drainage, minimal ball bounce, low or no water requirements, and very low to no maintenance. Although sand and mulch fit the drainage and no water requirements, they fall short on minimal bounce and require costs each year. Sand, mulch and natural lawns need maintenance and drying time before they can be used. Synthetic turf provides a perfect low cut base to play the game on. With no maintenance, zero water requirements, excellent drainage and minimal bounce, synthetic grass is the choice of most Maryland facilities, parks and recreation centers, and homeowners.