Las Marias Condominiums

      Overgrown Waste to Valuable Street Appeal


Las Marias Condominiums 1458 COLUMBIA RD., NW Washington DC.   They had adequate space behind the building but an awful back alley of weeds. The nearly 1300 SF. of unused but valuable real estate in Columbia Heights NW Washington DC. Would soon be converted to an eco-friendly and durable synthetic turf solution. Las Marias is a traditional condo building located on Columbia Road between 14th and 15th Street in Columbia Heights.  Completed in 2007, this 5-story building had an eyesore and simply ‘ugly rear property’. – SyntheticGrass-Greens, the Greater Maryland Turf Choice and synthetic turf division for Albanes Landscaping Inc. provided a design and installation to appreciate durability, affordability, and long-term less maintenance. Our affordable curb appeal now provides 24/7 ability for its residents and condo owners to really enjoy the outdoors everyday of the week. We have helped these owners to reduce their maintenance concerns! SyntheticGrass-Greens does offer real long-term solutions. We evaluate your site and will recommend alternate and less invasive techniques to install your project than many other groups claiming to have professional turf and design options. Check us out to EXPERIENCE A GREENER WORLD® :! We are exclusive distributor and installer for STI- Synthetic Turf for Maryland -DMV.  


                      Before                                             Side Yard Before                                      Tour Link Panels