Medco Commercial Construction

medco courtyard


before and after courtyardCourtyard For Beechview Place Apartments in WV 

The Medco Commercial Construction Group, Incorporated needed a long-term, low maintenance and environmentally conscious solution for the 8,000 square foot courtyard located at the newly built Beechview Place Apartments adjacent to West Virginia University. The original design and intent was to plant natural grass for this huge common area. With construction nearing completion and the courtyard’s anticipated high increase in pedestrian traffic, concerns arose about finding a feasible solution to keep curb appeal up and maintenance costs down. Creating a durable, green space without an extensive and costly landscape maintenance proposal seemed just out of reach for Medco.

Synthetic Grass & Greens was able to introduce Beechview Place to innovative and quality choices with synthetic turf that allowed them to showcase their space and save on high maintenance costs. Assisting Beechview Place in attaining and reaching their financial goals for the courtyard was top priority.

Synthetic Grass & Greens consulted with Medco Construction Group and Beechview Place to discuss considerations for drainage, soil, compaction and stabilization, while providing Softlawn® turf samples that made sense. After collaborating, the quality design of the project was extensive; an alternative base construction package was reviewed and accepted to enhance the synthetic choice and stay within scope of the budget.

before and after WV courtyard Beechview’s new Courtyard offers aesthetics and function without the accumulating costs of a pricey maintenance contract. It’s great having happy developers, investors, and bankers – these pictures simply speak volumes of a successful project! Synthetic Grass & Greens is very proud of the compliments we have received to date. When your residential or commercial project requires curb appeal, adapt to changing needs with a common-sense review of ALL available options. Landscapes that anticipate the future will reward those properties with greater use and enjoyment in their outdoor experience.

The process for installing a quality synthetic turf is a journey - select the most innovative route supported with attentive service.