Tiger Woods Foundation Putting Green

Putting Green Installation For Tiger Woods Foundation

Synthetic Grass & Greens was selected to represent Tour Links and Synthetic Turf International to work closely in planning and design for the putting green that was showcased for the Tiger Woods Foundation and its major sponsorship of Quicken Loans. SG2’s specialty is simple, the needs of your lifestyle in motion; high-end performance, mud and chemical free lawns, 24/7 access to an eco-friendly play environment, or putting like a PGA TOUR professional.


The 2016 PGA Tour Conference in Orlando, Florida opens up a new year with enhanced advancements in technology, brands and products that make the game of golf on the cutting edge. Performance demonstrations highlighted the event. Synthetic Turf International brands were promoted with enormous success. STI grasses will be showcased on the Bridgestone Golf, Galloway Golf, and Golf Channels.

Experience a Greener World.