Fake Grass for Dogs

Artificial Grass For Dogs

“Synthetic grass has given us less maintenance issues and a happy environment to our many pets that come through this facility. Our volunteers and pets enjoy the quality of the outdoor exercise area. This synthetic pet surf product installed by Albanes Landscaping Inc. is holding up and performing well.” – Staff

Montgomery County Humane Society, (Montgomery County Gov’t.), Rockville, Maryland

  • Pet owners love the way their lawn looks and pets love having a great place to run and play.
  • Pet facilities love the durability, cost efficiency and cleanliness of artificial turf…which are always top priority. Many are moving away from the gravel and chip mulch and opting for a healthier choice.
  • Both love the versatility of synthetic grass. Fake grass for dogs and other pets can be installed in the kennels, as beds, in the dog run and play areas and especially in the front or backyard.
  • SG2 – Synthetic Grass and Greens can professionally install STI-Softlawn “Pet Turf” where ever you see the need to keep your pets safe, clean, and out of harm’s way from deadly chemicals.

Our pets deserve the cleanest environment we can give them. That is why many local pet owners and Maryland pet facilities are turning to artificial grass. This turf can be installed indoors or out and contains no hazardous chemicals. The areas stay mud-free, plush, durable and order-free.